Why Can It Be Difficult To Deal With Unethical Behavior In The Workplace?

When you go to work, you are entitled to go about your business without having to deal with unprofessional behavior from co-workers, subordinates or supervisors. If you are experiencing teasing, inappropriate touching, unwanted sexual advances or anything else, there are ways for you to stop unprofessional behavior, including contacting a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. 

Attempt to Handle It

The first way to stop this kind of behavior is to talk to the person who is being unprofessional. They may not be aware that they are crossing a line. By speaking up, you can make sure that the person knows how uncomfortable you feel as a result of their actions. Hopefully, that is enough to get them to stop. 

Speak Up

If the person doesn’t respond to you talking to them on your own, or you’re in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, it might be time to speak up. Talk to your supervisor or to someone in Human Resources. Let them know what the person is doing and how it’s making you feel. There are sexual harassment laws in place that are designed to protect you. 

Speaking up will generally open an investigation. Your talk will be documented in your employment records to state that you are having an issue with a particular individual. Further, that person may be spoken to about their behavior. You will likely not be told about the conversation had with that individual for privacy reasons. 

Seek Legal Action

If you are continuing to experience unprofessional behavior from someone at work after you have reported it to someone, you have every right to seek a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. You can obtain legal counsel to find out what can be done. The person can be fully investigated to find out if he has received counseling for his past behavior. The person may lose their job, and you may be able to seek financial compensation (restitution) for the mental anguish you have had to deal with. 

All sorts of actions constitute sexual harassment. Your employer is liable for sexual harassment because they are supposed to provide you with a safe and productive work environment. If you’re being harassed by someone, they have failed to provide this. By speaking to a lawyer, you can file an EEOC complaint or charge, allowing you to seek justice once and for all.